Our weekend dive!

We went diving again!

It was fabulous!

And by fabulous I mean it was a kid free, house cleaning free, work free, laundry free kind of day. We (Conor, Katelin, Wayne and myself) got a fantastic (and brave!) babysitter to watch the kids and we took off. We went to the dive store to price out some equipment and rent our regulators and tanks. While there, we decided regulators are a little too expensive for our budget but we had made a goal to slowly purchase stuff so we bought our weights! At 5 bucks a pound and my boobs needing a good 6 pounds of weight, it added up quickly. Thankfully, Conor’s mom had bought us a membership so we got 20% off!

We drove around for a good 2 hours but the ocean didn’t really want us to dive on the south side of the island. We ended up diving a beach called Gun Beach our in Tumon. It was a great dive, we saw huge star fish, stone fish, clams and lots more. On our way back in, Conor had warned us to stay close to the pipe that would channel us in. Somehow though, the waves crashing pushed me out of the niched channel and I was thrashed about over the coral. It was extremely painful. I kept trying to stand up but was continuously knocked down. My legs and wrists are pretty busted up but I survived.

We took a break at a beautiful and extremely expensive beach bar before diving a second dive at Outhouse Beach. That dive was almost a bust until Wayne caught a pufferfish. I don’t know how many of you have played with a pufferfish but it may be cutest fish in the planet. It isn’t very colorful but it tries to swim so fast but can’t when puffed up. Super adorable.

Conor and I are going to dive on Wednesday, hopefully, before he has to return to work later this week. I think we will be purchasing gloves for myself and a knife for Conor. We really want a camera and regulators but it all takes time. I’m guessing Conor will get his regulator first….hopefully I will be pregnant soon and won’t be able to use my dive stuff for a few months =)


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While we were checking out every Target, Kohls and going-out-of-business Borders in Iowa, I picked up the book Skippy Jon Jones. Go buy it and read it outloud. It is fantastic. I laughed the whole time I was reading it the first 2 times to Ethan. The best part of the book was the hidden CD in the back. Well, it wasn’t really hidden but I didn’t notice it when we first purchased it. Somewhere on our 6 hour drive back to Iowa, I popped it in to hear the other 5 stories on the CD. It was just as funny as the book (obviously, since the author was READING it word for word) as were the subsequent stories on the CD. Several minutes into it, we (Ben was in the car too) noticed Ethan was completely captivated with these stories.

One month later, Ethan still LOVES the Skippy Jon Jones books on CD. I, on the other hand, was sick of them. While they keep him entertained, the same 5 stories were getting repetitive. So I went to my Itunes, typed in audiobooks – childrens and voila, my entire itunes gift card later I had 7 new stories and a fun new kids CD. These should liven up our car time.

Ideally, I would like to buy several more stories and perhaps a speakers/charger that you plug your ipod into. I have one in my kitchen that we use daily so I don’t want to transfer it up and down to his room daily. I think once we get a little extra money, we will buy one to leave in his room. MAYBE it will make bedtime less traumatic. This girl can dream =)

In the mean time, Ethan is willing to collect any extra itunes gift cards you don’t think you will use towards more audiobooks!


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And the waves keep coming

When I got back on island, Ethan and I woke up very early thanks to the lovely time change. When the sun was just coming up we convinced Conor to get out of bed and pick up doughnuts. We got back into Conors beloved car and drove to the beach. We sat on the ledge and watched the waves crash to the rocks. Ethan asked if the waves ever stop crashing. I told him never. Sometimes they are big waves when it is storming and sometimes they are small waves when the world is calm but there are always waves. The was such a simple explanation.

I think about this explanation whenever I look out into the ocean, which is pretty much everyday. Our life really seems to make sure I remember the waves keep coming. Inspections at my work, medical flare ups, an angry dog and scared kid, guilt of my husband being home while other’s have been away for months, a flat tire, stressful paycheck situations, and the list goes on. Plenty of waves.

Thankfully, there are long gaps between the crashes. Scuba diving, Ethan loving preschool, completing big projects at work, Netflix streaming to Guam and the house getting organized are some of our happy things going on in Guam. Its just the way the life works. The world just wouldn’t work without the waves…so I will try to embrace them. Take them for what they are and maybe eat a doughnut or two while waiting for them to crash.


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What’s the buzz…

Tell me what’s a happening!

I can’t believe it has been a freaking month since I blogged! So much has happened. My mother in law and cousin came to visit! It was a whirlwind with me starting a new job, getting dive certified and exploring Guam but it was fantastic! It is so nice to have visitors. I’ll have to do a whole post of diving because it is amazing. We’ve seen eels, porcupine puffer fish and this whole underwater world. Conor, Mary and I are going diving this weekend, hopefully twice!

My new job is going along nicely now that I’m figuring things out. It’s exhausting but a good challenge. I’m totally using my degree mom =) Next week will be super busy getting ready for our trip home and prepping things for work. I’m ready to get stateside. I want to just lay in my bed in Iowa and not move for a day. I don’t think that will be a problem with my parents there to entertain Ethan (and a powerwheel they have waiting!)

This week we are planning on heading to Chamorro Village, snorkeling,  bowling (a weekly ritual at this point) diving, possibly going to the aquarium and more working out. I’m trying to shed a couple more pounds before returning home. Mary is definitely helping on that aspect. She is also having tons of fun with Ethan. The two of them are best buds, creating forts, games and art all day everyday.

Conor is taking Mary and Ethan to the Liberation Day parade later this week. I totally wish I could go with them but apparently NO ONE is allowed off that day. That should be amazing…I will be attending the firework show that night! We didn’t have any on the actual 4th of July due to some fire. The remaining fireworks were saved for liberation day so I WILL be seeing those fireworks.

Hopefully it will be less than a month til I blog again…no promises…unless my airplane has WiFi because what else am I going to do for 15.3 hours?


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Time is flying!

I can’t believe it is another weekend! This has been such a busy week. My summer camp launched today. It was just a tester day really, we only had 31 kids. Monday we have over 50! I hope I survive!  I have lots of faith in the ladies I work with and I am going to take extra patience pills before work on Monday. =)

This week, Ethan reminded me just how much his body hates ear infections. We have been free of them for over a year (almost 2!) since we put the tubes in when Ethan turned one. We went to celebrate Ethan going to bed great for a week at Chuckie Cheese but Ethan just didn’t seem right. He was quiet the entire ride to CC and then wasn’t jumping up and down when we arrived. Of course, once we paid for tokens, I picked Ethan up and realized he was pretty much on fire! By the time we got home and I checked his temperature, he was at 104.3. I took a breath and reminded myself “a fever is not an illness!” I dosed out some tylenol and snuggled Ethan for the next couple hours. Throughout the night his fever would go back and forth from 102 back up to 104 so fast. He was shaking and I was terrified he was going to seize. At one point, he screamed out from the bathroom “What’s wrong with me mama?!” Definitely one of the scariest moments as I ran to the bathroom, unsure of what I was going to find. Of course, he slept only 2 hours and I had to be to work by 6.

Thankfully, I was able to make an appointment right away  on Thursday. I was able to switch off with Conor  after my kids headed to school. I felt so pulled working and needing to stay home with Ethan. Obviously, I needed to be with Ethan and thankfully the ladies at work were so understanding!  Ethan fell asleep in the waiting room, which demonstrates how sick he was. He has never once fallen asleep in church or any place other than the car and home so I was getting worried. When the doctor checked his ears, she right away  said “no tube, that is one red ear!” He had the tubes at this May check up and so the one tube was out for maybe a month. As soon as she said “ear infection” it all came flooding back. Trips to the ER, rechecks at the clinic and tons of medicine. I was super thankful it was nothign contagious so all he needed was a few doses of the antibiotic, some pedialyte and plenty of snuggles. I was able to go back to work today and he was able to go back to Katelin’s house!

This weekend we are moving around some boxes and such to get things ready for our guests! I’ve picked up some fun things for their goodie baskets (I always try to make them for visitors!) and next week I’ll be baking a few things for them! We are ridiculously excited. Of course, we both have to work so that stinks but I get off at 3 each day and Conor is hoping to get at least half the visit off. I have lots of adventures we can pick from. Something I absolutely LOVE about Guam is that we’ve still been able to explore. We haven’t really gotten into a rut that we live here but don’t take time to be tourists as well. I want us to soak up every ounce of this island while we are here!

I’ll post some fabulous Ethan pictures I took yesterday tomorrow or Sunday! You will all love them =)

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My kind of weekend

This weekend has really spoiled me! After an incredibly busy day on Friday (park to watch a friends kids, quick picnic at beach, big event at work) I still made it to Sesame Street Live USO edition with Ethan. He LOVED it. He also loved the awesome light up toy they gave EVERY CHILD. I am still amazed and 3 days later, Ethan still insisted sleeping with it tonight.

Saturday, we rearranged Ethan’s room. Rearranging furniture is one of my favorite things. I love arranging spaces to make them look new. We added a bookshelf in his room so now it is ready for guests!  We then made an impromptu trip to Kung Fu Panda 2 with two of Ethan’s friends to give their mom a break =)  Conor and I made a point of eating after Ethan went to bed so it was kind of like a date. We even watched Whale Wars, the only show  we really love during the summer, in peace. It was amazing.

Today we spend most of the evening at Gab Gab Beach on base. I suggested a potluck the other day and lots of ladies were able to make it. Some with and some without kids. Its refreshing to have both, especially since I have friends with and without kids. I think everyone had fun, including Ethan who can be pretty nervous around the ocean. At one point he was in the ocean, allowing me to eat and talk without a clingy 3 year old on my leg which was both rare and awesome. Here are some pictures from today.


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On infertility etiquette…

Recently it has come to my attention that some people (at work, home and facebook) just have no idea what is appropriate when talking/asking about infertility. While I have not been trying FOREVER (it just seems like it) we have been trying for 2 and 1/2 years and that is plenty long and so I’ll be speaking from my/our own experience here.

Totally coming from my teacher background, it is important to keep the person first mentality. Think about the person and how you would like them to treat you. Sounds simple, right? But really, would you walk up to someone and say “So, hows that zit on your forehead treating you?” Same is true for infertility, please don’t ask me “So, how’s infertility going?” Its been asked before and it will probably be asked again.

How do you think its going? Super fun, lots of lollipops to eat as I follow some yellow brick road that will lead me directly to my baby? Heck no, its shitty. It’s hard. I cry. A lot. There is no OZ that is promised at the end. The only promise, if you are lucky, is a proactive doctor who is trying her hardest, and even that is hard to find. Even with an awesome doctor, the road is pretty local(wow, I sound live I’m from Guam, ha!). Tons of bumps, sometimes you randomly drive off the road because of an unexpected turn. Lots of times you find yourself at the beginning again.

Truthfully, who wants to hear that burden anyway. After 2 1/2 years, I’m even annoyed talking about me. As a friend so kindly pointed out to me the other day, I’m clearly in whatever stage pissed off is in the stages of acceptance. Talking about it, except when I bring it up, pretty much makes me LIVID. No idea why but I’m going to blame it on the clomid this cycle.

Another thing that clearly needs to be brought up is that if one tries to change the subject when discussing plans for treatment, it means I DON’T want to talk about it. I don’t like going over the “what comes next if what you’re doing fails?” First off, thats not optimistic. Every month I am optimistic. No joke, I think I’ve thought of some awesome way to tell everyone we’re expecting for every single month (except the ones Conor and I were separate) we’ve been trying. Thats a whole lot of optimism and being that optimistic takes work, I don’t need some Negative Nelly to squish whatever optimism I have that day.

Secondly, I hope people understand that while I do share information, as the process gets more challenging, invasive and exhausting we’ve decided to basically just share it with some very close friends and family.  I’ll let you know when we get pregnant, I promise. Until then though, I will blog when I feel like it, vent when I need to and cry whenever the heck I want. Plenty of people in our world have been incredibly supportive. They let me have temper tantrums when I need to, scream when it feels right and not judge me when my emotions are seriously out of whack. I’m sure it’s hard to be on the other side of the phone when someone is crying and there is NOTHING you can do to help them. I actually know it is, I’ve been on the other end.

I’m thankful for my mom, grandma, Erin and Katie. They get the brunt of my emotion and always know exactly what to say or when to just cry with me. Other family and friends provide the perfect amount of humor and excitement to my life. I honestly do not even think of infertility on a daily basis, I am very aware that it easily consumes some people’s lives. I continue to stay busy working, working out and playing with my amazing 3 year old. I think that’s keeping me healthy; physically and mentally.

I have to finish some work but I really feel so much better after keeping this bottled up for 2-3…I suppose that is the point of a blog, now isn’t it =)


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